Sunday, October 28, 2018

And the winners are...

Winners of the 2018 Short Film Competition on Saturday, Oct. 27 at The Hall 8th annual Parrsboro Film Festival

Short Shorts (up to 5 minutes)   Dearg, by Israel Ekane
Short Films (no more than 20 minutes)   Duet, by Andrew Coll

Israel Ekanem (write/director of Dearg) on the set of Drown the Lovers (credit IMDb)

Andrew Coll with his winning certificate for Duet (credit Lawrence Nicoll)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Sunday Afternoon

The Song and the Sorrow

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Synopsis: This film is dedicated to the memory and music of Gene Maclellan.
Musician Catherine MacLellan—the daughter of Canadian singer/songwriting legend Gene MacLellan—grew up surrounded by her father’s music. He committed suicide when she was 14. Two decades after his loss, Catherine is finally ready to confront the hurtful mystery of her absent parent and embrace his musical legacy.

Watch the trailer and find out more information.

Still Here

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Synopsis: A short documentary about the real Melvin Dismukes, one of the main characters in Kathryn Bigelow’s film about the 1968 riots, Detroit.
By Breakwater Studios, of Halifax and Los Angeles. A trailer for Detroit will be shown ahead of this film.

The Healer

Director: Paco Arango

Synopsis: A young man discovers he has a hidden, miraculous talent … but is afraid to use it.
Shot in Nova Scotia  by writer, director and philanthropist Paco Arango, for the express purpose of helping children with cancer. All proceeds from the movie are donated to Serious Fun Children’s Network and other charities for children with cancer. Money from this film was donated to the IWK Hospital Foundation.

The PFF would like to thank Paco Arango, and his team, for their extraordinary efforts over the last two years to get us a copy of this film.

Watch the trailer and find out more information about the movie and Paco Arango

Sunday Afternoon Session Schedule

Oct. 28, 1:30 – 5:00 pm

noon - 1:30 pm BREAK FOR LUNCH

1:31 - 1:34 pm   Welcome Back/PFF 2019           

1:35 - 1:37 pm   PFF for Mille Clarkes
1:38 - 2:21 pm   The Song and the Sorrow (43 min )

2:22 - 2:25 pm   PFF for Ben Proudfoot
2:26 - 2:29 pm   trailer for Detroit (2 min 29 sec)
2:30 - 2:43 pm   Still Here (12 min 54 sec)

2:44 - 2:59 pm   BREAK (15 min)

3:00 - 3:03 pm   PFF for Paco Arango
3:04 - 4:57 pm   The Healer (1 hour 53 min)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Saturday Night Supper

Can't decide between the regular or gold pass?

Maybe the menu for supper at the Black Rock Bistro will persuade you! Gold passes include access to all sessions plus supper at Black Rock Bistro on October 27th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Tonight is the last day to buy your pass online before the festival start tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sunday Morning - (Free) Session

As a part of our Sunday October 28th morning session we will be showing Zaven versus Goliath, the saga of Zaven Darakjian, a modern-day ‘David’ who attempts to salvage his property from the merciless advance of modern urbanisation. 

This film is shot in Montreal, written and directed by Doina Harap. Zaven Darakjian  is travelling from Montreal to speak with the film on Sunday!

Zaven vs. Goliath also features Parrsboro residents Judith Bauer and Harvey Lev, who will be available to speak with the film.

This session is Free!

Sunday Morning Session Schedule (10:00 am – lunch)

10:00 – 10:20 am             Creating Direct Effects on Film Stock (Eco-Processing)

                                         Dawn George intro (5 minutes)

10:09 - 10:13 am              See Weeds (2017; 3 min  30 sec)

10:14 - 10:19 am              Dawn George Q&A (5 min)

10:20 - 10:25 am              Judith Bauer intro (5 min)

10:26 - 10:38 am              The Wild Paper Pickers of the Minas Basin (11 min 9 sec)

10:39 - 10:44 am              Judith Q&A (5 min)

10:45 - 11:00 am              Judith Bauer intro (5 min)

11:01 - 11:49 am              Zaven vs. Goliath (2018; 47 min 20 sec)

11:50 - 11:59 am              Judith Q&A (9 min)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Afternoon - Session 2

On October 27th there is a second afternoon session from 2:40 – 4:50 pm. We will be showing two films in this session:

2:40 – 3:30 pm
What’s Your Beef? (2018; 38 min) 

A thought-provoking documentary about Nova Scotia grass-fed beef. With an introduction and Q&A with director Thor Lengies (PFF’s technical advisor, by the way!) and his partner Deborah Hertzfeldt.

3:30 – 4: 50 pm
Love, Scott (2018; 1 hour 16 min) 

When he was 27, musician Scott Jones was stabbed in New Glasgow, NS. He survived but was paralyzed from the waist down. Jones believes that he was attacked because he is openly gay. This documentary, by his close friend Laura Marie Wayne, is about his life after October, 2013, when a man tried to murder him.

There is no speaker with this film because both Scott Jones and Laura Marie Wayne are out of province.

Watch the trailer and CBC interview with Scott Jones.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Something New at the Short Film Competition – Part II

Saturday , October 27 (while the short film competition ballots are counted)
From 1:55 pm

We are pleased to have both Andrea Vandenboer and Grace Butland with us for this screening of their documentary about Nova Scotia artist Louise Pentz, Silent No More. Beginning at 1:55 pm, after the ballots have been collected from the Short Film Competition (and while they are being counted), the audience is invited to stay for this 27 minute documentary about Louise Pentz, who works for social justice through her art.

In 2015, the Parrsboro Film Festival showed “Mother Earth”—also about Louise Pentz—as part of Ben Proudfoot’s 2015 compilation Life’s Work.

For more information on Louise Pentz (including a link to “Mother Earth”)

This screening begins with an introduction by its writer and co-director Grace Butland, along with co-director Andrea Vandenboer. There will be Questions & Answers afterwards.

For more information on this film check out this website.

The winners of the 2018 Short Film Competition will be announced after the Q&A (shortly after 2:30 pm).

Monday, October 15, 2018

Something New at the Short Film Competition – Part I

 Saturday, Oct.27 beginning at 10:00 am

(**please note minor time changes from previous announcements, caused by the availability of speakers**)

One of the things we emphasize at Parrsboro’s Film Festival is contact between audience and film makers. This year we are expanding the Short Film Competition to include speakers. Each film maker will have 2 minutes for an introduction, followed by the screening of their film, with 3 minutes--immediately following--for Questions & Answers. We have speakers with most of the 10 films in this year’s competition. Film makers who cannot attend are encouraged to send a prepared introduction that we will read for you (2 minutes maximum, please; we’re on a tight schedule!)

And in a major change from previous festivals …

In order to make room for this expanded program, this year the Short Film Competition will continue after lunch (see schedule below)

While we are counting the ballots, the audience is invited to stay for a special screening (see our next post: “Something New at the Short Film Competition – Part II”)

Short Film Competition Revised Schedule
Saturday, October 27
10:00 - 10:02 am              Welcome & introduction to Short Film Competition

I. SHORT SHORTS (no more than 5 minutes)
10:03 - 10:04 am              PFF introduction for Sarah Gignac
10:05 - 10:07 am              Borscht & Fresh Bread (1min 40 sec)                                                                                                                                      

10:08 - 10:10 am              PFF introduction for Lorna Kirk                  
10:11 - 10:13 am              Him (1 min 56 sec)                                                          

10:14 - 10:16 am              Anna Quon intro (2 min)                                              
10:17 - 10:20 am              The Day I Stopped Talking (2 min 50 sec)
10:21 - 10:24 am              Anna Quon Q&A (3 min)                                              

10:25 - 10:27 am              Israel Ekanem intro (2 min)                                         
10:28 - 10:33 am              Dearg (4 min 22 sec)
10:34 - 10:37 am              Israel Ekanem Q&A (3 min)                         

10:38 - 10:48 am              PAUSE FOR VOTING/BREAK (10 minutes)              

II. SHORT FILMS (no more than 20 minutes)
10:49 - 10:50   am       NOTE: **this competition will continue after lunch**
10:51 - 10:53 am              Lisa Rose Snow intro (2 min)       
10:54 - 11:03 am              Meet Maurice Crosby (8 min 2 sec)
11:04 - 11:07 am              Rachel/Lisa Q&A (3 min)                                              

11:08 - 11:10 am              Kevin Hartford intro (2 min)                        
11:11 - 11:20 am              My Mother’s Armenian Christmas Bread Recipe (8 min 34 sec)
11:21 - 11:24 am              Kevin Hartford Q&A (3 min)                        

11:25 - 11:27 am              Taylor Olsen intro (2 min)                            
11:28 - 11:37 am              Grace (8 min 42 sec)
11:38 - 11:41 pm              Taylor/Khoumbie Q&A (3 min)                  

11:42 - 11:44 pm              Israel Ekanem intro         (2 min)                 
11:45 - 11:55 am              Drown the Lovers (9 min 45 sec)
11:56 - 11:59 am              Israel Ekanem Q&A (3 min)                         


noon - 1:00 pm LUNCH BREAK

1:01 - 1:02 pm NOTE: This is the continuation of the second short film category

1:03 - 1:05 pm   Andrew Coll intro (2 min)                             
1:06 - 1:20 pm   Duet (13 min 6 sec)
1:21 - 1:24 pm   Andrew Coll Q&A (3 min)                             

1:25 - 1:26 pm   PFF introduction for Hannah Lewis intro
1:27 - 1:44 pm   Meshes of the Ocean (16 min 45 sec)     

1:45 – 1:55 pm   PAUSE FOR VOTING (10 minutes)

After we collect the ballots and are counting the votes, we invite the audience to stay to a special screening of the documentary Silent No More (watch for details in our next post).

Winners will be announced after the Question & Answer period following this screening.