Monday, August 13, 2018

Short Film Finalists

Finalists have been chosen for the short film competition in both the short shorts and short film categories for the 2018 festival. All finalist will be contacted by email with more details.

The successful submissions are:

I. Short shorts (no more than 5 minutes) Borscht & Fresh Bread (director: Sarah Gignac) Him (director: Lorna Kirk) The Day I Stopped Talking (director: Anna Quon) Dearg (director: Israel Ekanem) II. Short films (more than 5 minutes but no more than 20) Meet Maurice Crosby (director: Lisa Rose Snow) My Mother’s Armenian Christmas Bread Recipe (director: Kevin Hartford) Grace (director: Taylor Olson) Drown the Lovers (director: Israel Ekanem) Duet (director: Andrew Coll) Meshes of the Ocean (director: Hannah Lewis)

Thank you to everyone that submitted a short!