Friday, September 28, 2018

Changes to 2018 Short Film Competition

This year we are trying to have speakers with every piece of film, no matter its length, which means we can no longer fit the whole competition into a morning.

So please check the following schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of the ten films in this year’s competition.

Saturday, Oct.27

10:00 – 10:50 am             Short shorts (no more than 5 minutes long); 4 entries; includes short break for voting

10:55 am  - noon              Short films (no more than 20 minutes); **THE FIRST FOUR (of 6) entries

Noon to 1:00 pm              Lunch break

1:05 – 1:55 pm                  Short films continued; **THE LAST TWO ENTIRES (of 6 films no more than 20 minutes)

1:55 – 2:00 pm                  PAUSE FOR VOTING/collecting ballots

While the ballots are being tabulated, we will be screening a non-competiting documentary, Silent No More, co-directed and co-produced by Andrea Vandenboer and Grace Butland, who will introduce their film and be available for questions afterwards.

Silent No More is a documentary about Nova Scotia ceramicist Louise Pentz, who uses her art as a force for social change. Louise Pentz was featured (“Mother Earth” ) in Ben Proudfoot’s compilation film about Nova Scotia artists, Life’s Work, which also included “Stone”, about Heather Lawson.

 Winners of the 2018 PFF Short Film Competition will be announced at the end of this session (roughly 2:40 pm).