Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Parrsboro Film Festival | 10th Anniversary postponed until 2021


Dear friends of the Parrsboro Film Festival,

While the larger film festivals are going digital this fall because of COVID-19, the research we did earlier this year shows that is not a good option for us.

·         The Hall can make the necessary increase in band width for streaming a full-length movie to a digital audience, but much of our potential audience in this region cannot increase their band width sufficiently to watch without interruption.

·         As soon as the festival goes digital, many legalities that we currently do not have to deal with become serious issues: geo-blocking, distribution rights, more money for licensing fees, etc.

·         To run effectively, a digital festival requires a web site specifically organized for that purpose. This is a major effort, only worthwhile if it secures a wide audience.

·         Local tests of digital film festivals held earlier this year (HotDocs, We Are One) showed that even enthusiastic film goers watched one or two films, if any.

·         There will be a lot of competing digital content in and around the same time as PFF.

·         And to date, everyone has expressed a strong preference for the sense of physical community at The Hall … and no interest whatsoever in a digital version.

So, after much discussion, the PFF committee has decided to postpone the 10th anniversary of the Parrsboro Film Festival until October 2021, in the hope that we will be able to have a physical gathering at that time.

To all of you who wanted to attend or submit films this year, please keep us in mind for 2021. Thank you to our researchers and volunteers for their extra help in these rapidly changing times. And thank you to the National Film Board for their extensive consultations and practical advice.

Stay well, and we hope to see you in October 2021.



Helen Tyson

Co-Chair, Parrsboro Film Festival