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Very early in our history, the Parrsboro Film Festival was affectionately referred to as “the little festival that could.”

You might ask, the little festival that could do what?

In keeping with our philosophy of supporting the film industry, we pay for the films we show, provide travel and accommodation for guest speakers and continuously upgrade our facility and equipment to provide the best viewing experience possible. In order to make all of this happen on a limited budget, we look to fans and film lovers from our community and beyond to support what we do.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you would like to support the Parrsboro Film Festival by becoming a Patron of the Festival

What does that look like?

Thank you!

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Use e-transfer: Please send your donation of $250 to and include the comment "Patron for the 2024 Parrsboro Film Festival".  The above account has been setup for autodeposit.

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Send an email to the Film Festival Committee chair, Lori Lynch...